12 Days Korea @ Gyeongju: Silla Guesthouse

We stayed at Silla Guesthouse for 2 nights. What I can say is the Guesthouse is beautifully decorated. The receptions looks quite shock when they see us. I’m worried they didn’t received my booking through booking.com. They show us a weird face and so do us. Haha.. They could only speak a little english and it made us quite hard to communicate with them but overall they’re really helpful.

I wonder what is in their mind once they see us with that face. Maybe this is their 1st time seeing ladies with hijab. I think. Hehe..

This hostel is equipped with lift so you don’t have to worry to drag your heavy luggage upstairs. Moreover, they provide bicycle to rent for only 5,000won per day. I don’t have enough time to mingling around by bicycle but I really want to. So sad! Maybe next time?

Source: KTO

Source: KTO
Source: KTO
The cafe is located on the ground floor but please note that they serve breakfast with fees unlike most of the hostel that provide free basic breakfast. There are bars, some games, TV, and vending machine. You can use the kitchen freely but as I said earlier, your breakfast must be paid first. The breakfast includes 2 eggs, 4 breads/toast, jam and fruity drink but you’ve to cook them by yourself.

I choose 8 beds dormitory room since there are 8 of us. Surprisingly the room was well decorated and clean. There are toilet and shower separately inside that room. I doesn’t have an opportunity to snap the pics of the room since we already tired and there’s luggage here and there. Too crowded. Haha..

Shower room. Source: Agoda

Our room. Source: airbnb
Our room. Source: airbnb
The recep are willing to help and search the info for us when we ask for directions even he didn’t fluent in english. He has provide map with directions for us. Thanks you so much for your assistance! 2 nights staying there and I really satisfied.

How to get there:

Seoul-> Gyeongbu Expressway-> Gyeongju IC-> To Gyeongju Terminal -> The guesthouse is next to Gyeongju Terminal

Intercity Transportation


Seoul Gangnam Express Bus Terminal -> The guesthouse is next to Gyeongju Terminal

Source: Korea Tourism Organization


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