Around Busan in 5 days: Busan Al – Fatah Mosque

As a muslim, it’s a must to visit one and only mosque there. It’s called Al-Fatah Mosque. It’s not really far away from Dusil Station. As we arrived at the mosque area, we decided to have some Kebab’s for our late lunch there. I heard that there’s a famous Kebab restaurant near to the mosque. I think the popular destination would be Cappadocia Turkish Restaurant. It’s the first restaurant we found nearby.

the restaurant interior
the restaurant interior

The Kebab’s was really good. It comes with rice and some side dishes in one plate. We’re really starving that day as we only had breakfast. The price of the Kebab set is under 10,000won (>Rm30) I think and it’s Halal. After finishing our meals, we’re heading to Busan Mosque to performed our prayer and take some rest.

2013-10-19 15.33.14

It’s quite small than Seoul Mosque at Itaewon. We meet Indonesian there and he show us around as we quite lost actually. Ahaha…


How to:
(via subway)
Take a subway to Dusil Station, Line 1, Exit 8
For more info, kindly visit or


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