Around Busan in 5 Days: BIFF Square

Night already arrived, as we’ve already perform our prayer and have a quick rest at our guesthouse, once again we decided to walk at night to search for food. As my friend craving for tteobokki (Korean spicy rice cakes) since our first day at Busan. Aishhh… she’s the one who’s really crazy about tteobokki and other Korean foods.


So, it’s my job to bring them to BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) Square to get what they want as I am like “Tourist Guide” to them. The BIFF is held from 3 – 12 October 2013 this year but, we’ve missed them. *Sigh* We always missed their October events like Fireworks Festival and so on. Why? Next time, I’ve to plan my trip, must go and celebrate their events together.


Ok2 back to tteobokki story. There’s a lot of stall selling food at BIFF square. A lot of themmmm. We’ve to search carefully to make sure that we bought the tteobokki with ahjumma’s that only sells seafood. As for muslim, we can’t eat the one with no Halal certificate with it. As you know, there’s hard to find restaurant or foods with Halal certificate with it in Korea. So, we only eat seafood and vegetables.

We saw a lot of seafood stall at BIFF Square. We bought some extra spicy tteobokki (woo… too spicy fire burning in my mouth), fried squid (the taste was really awesome. Taste like there’s butter in it) and some cheap stockings (my friend bought that for herself. A bundle of stockings… Hehe…). Nahh.. That’s how we end our full day trip, spending our night at BIFF square then going back to our Guesthouse. Jaljayo!

I forgot to snap the picture of tteobokki. Oppps!

How to:
(via subway)
Take a subway to Jagalchi Station, Line 1, Exit 7,
5min walk from the station (Walk straight and turn left)

For more info, kindly visit or


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