Around Busan in 5 Days: Oedo Botania Garden

Have you watch Winter Sonata? If you do, I want to ask you a question. Do you still remember the last part of the drama where Jun Sang becomes blind? He mingling around the place that looks like a garden and that is the place he met Yoo Jin after they separated for a long time. Yes, the place called Oedo Botania Garden. It is located at Oedo Island near to Geoje Island at Gyeongsangnam-do.

Oedo Winter Sonata
I’m standing in front of the house where Jun Sang sit before he met Yoo Jin

I’ve made a decision to visit this place after I’ve read some articles and I realized that the island is near to Busan. Eventhough the island is not in Busan but I think this is my opportunity since Gyeongsangnam-do is near to Busan. This is 1 day trip as the location is quite far from our guesthouse.

Busan subway
Busan subway


In order to reached there, we have to take 4 types of public transportations (Subway-Bus-Taxi-Ferry) and vice versa. Fuhh.. it’s just like going back to my hometown from Kuala Lumpur to Perak. Hehehe… Let me give you details explanations. First, we have to take a subway from Jungang to Seomyeon. Then we have to transfer to Line 2 until we reach at Sasang station. From there, we have to walk to Seobu Bus Terminal and take a bus to Jangseungpo (Okpo-Jangseungpo) and it cost 7,200won one way trip. The bus takes 1 hour 15 minutes to reach jangseungpo Bus Terminal.

Oedo Ferry Terminal
The ticket with Oedo Botania Garden and Geoje Map
The ticket with Oedo Botania Garden and Geoje Map
Arrived at Oedo Island. The ferry takes at about 45 minutes to reached the island.
Arrived at Oedo Island

Once we reached Jangseungpo, we ride a taxi to Oedo Ferry Terminal, the cost is 2,800won. Then, we’ve to buy a ticket to Oedo Island worth 25,000won per person (Ferry fee (roundtrip) = 17,000won + Admission fee = 8,000won). I want to give you some advice, If you’ve sea sickness or getting easily afraid of riding something like a roller coaster, DO NOT ride this ferry or even go to the island. Why? The speed of the ferry is really high and sometimes the sea waves getting bigger and bigger that will cost the ferry moves a lil’ bit crazy. Yesss it’s true. I told you, it’s up to you to believe or not. Hehe… The ferry takes at about 45 minutes to reached the island.








Once we arrived at the Island, we’ve been given a green tag to make it easier to recognize whom from which group and from which ferry because we need to ride the same ferry when going back. We’re been given 1 hour 30 minutes to finish our course in the island. Just follow the path in the map given. Don’t spend much time in the same place or you’ll exceed the time given. The ferry will not be waiting for you. You don’t want to be left behind aren’t you?

The view was very superb. It’s really beautiful. It worth my money to visit here. Come and visit here, see and feel it for yourself. 🙂

How to:
(via subway)
Sasang Station (Line 2), Exit 3. Walk to Seobu Bus Terminal.
(via bus)
From Seobu Bus Terminal, take bus that going to Jangseungpo (Okpo – Jangseungpo)
Ticket Price: 7,200won one way trip
(via taxi)
From Jangseungpo Bus Terminal, take a taxi to Oedo Ferry Terminal
(via ferry)
From Oedo ferry terminal, take a ferry to Oedo Island.

Ticket Price: 25,000won (Ferry (Roundtrip) + Admission Fee = 17,000won + 8,000won)

For more info about this location, kindly visit their website or here or here


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