Around Seoul in 6 days: Namsan Tower

After gaining my beauty sleep… Not so beauty actually because I can’t sleep due to changes of weather. How do I call that? Weather shock? Hehe.. You know Malaysia is really hot right now but in korea, it can be 13 Celsius and above. It’s freezinggggg! Especially on late evening until the next morning even though it’s in spring season.

First things first, wake up in the morning, brush my teeth, taking my bath…. bla bla bla… It’s not the main point actually. Wakaka. Just kidding. Alright! Today we will heading to Namsan Tower early in the morning. Hoorayy! When we first arrived at Namsan Park… Whoa! The cherry blossom are blooming all over the park. I can see the cherry blossom fully bloom all over the road heading to Namsan Tower. Excited! Woohoo! We run towards the tree and took many pictures as we can.

SubahanAllah! It’s really beautiful. Feels just like heaven. You can see how beautiful the cherry blossom are by seeing the pictures below.

It’s blooming!


See? How I’m really grateful that I can visit a beautiful place like this. I really miss this moment. Uhuhu… Ok next, we continue our journey to the targeted location called the Namsan Tower. Remember that most korean drama shooting location is located in this area? If you are the fanatic fans of korean drama just like me you will noticed. Hehehe…

Finally arrived after tired on climbing the hills. I feels like I want to crawl besides of climbing. I’ve lost all of my energy there. Really! Most of Korea geographical area is full of hills to climb for. Fuhhh! Namsan Tower is full of locks with the wish on it. Mostly love wishes. I don’t have enough time to explore the tower. Being there would be great for me.

Namsan Tower
A tree full of love locks

At Namsan Tower I can see the locks all over the place, the people and the most important things is wearing a Hanbok for free. Wee~ Plus taking a picture with the beard guy. Aww~ so sweet. We riding the cable car in order to going down and having korean most favorite food for lunch. Guest what?? It’s bibimbap.

Wearing Free Hanbok
Riding a cable car worth 6,000 won per person. Wee~
Look! How beautiful the restaurant are!
Our lunch… Bibimbap (Korean Mixed Rice)

We’ve been treated just like VIP for today. That’s why we’re be given this private room to have our lunch. Happy!

[By Cable Car]
To reach the boarding place, walk for about 10~15 minutes following the street of the right side of the Pacific Hotel, after coming out of the exit 3 of Myeong-dong Station (line 4)

Adult: one way 6,000 won/ return 8,000 won
Child: one way 3,500 won/ return 5,000 won

[By Bus]
Namsan Shuttle Bus
No. 02
Namsan Library/ Hanok Village/ Chungmuro Station (Exit 2, 4)/ Dongguk University Station (Exit 6)/ National Theater

No. 03
Seoul Station, Seoul Square/ HoeHyeon Station/ Namsan Tunnel no. 3/ Itaewon Station (Exit 4)/ Yongsan-gu Office

No. 05
Namsan Library/ Namdaemun Market/ Chungmuro Station (Exit 2, 4)/ Hanok Village/ Dongguk University Station (Exit 6)/ National Theater
(Source: Korea Tourism Organization)


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