KOREA: 12 DAYS, 7 PROVINCES, 1 COUNTRY – Silla Guesthouse

We stayed at Silla Guesthouse for 2 nights. What I can say is the Guesthouse is beautifully decorated. The receptions looks quite shock when they see us. I’m worried they didn’t received my booking through booking.com. They show us a weird face and so do us. Haha.. They could only speak a little english and it made us quite hard to communicate with them but overall they’re really helpful.

I wonder what is in their mind once they see us with that face. Maybe this is their 1st time seeing ladies with hijab. I think. Hehe..

This hostel is equipped with lift so you don’t have to worry to drag your heavy luggage upstairs. Moreover, they provide bicycle to rent for only 5,000won per day. I don’t have enough time to mingling around by bicycle but I really want to. So sad! Maybe next time?

Source: KTO

Source: KTO
Source: KTO
The cafe is located on the ground floor but please note that they serve breakfast with fees unlike most of the hostel that provide free basic breakfast. There are bars, some games, TV, and vending machine. You can use the kitchen freely but as I said earlier, your breakfast must be paid first. The breakfast includes 2 eggs, 4 breads/toast, jam and fruity drink but you’ve to cook them by yourself.

I choose 8 beds dormitory room since there are 8 of us. Surprisingly the room was well decorated and clean. There are toilet and shower separately inside that room. I doesn’t have an opportunity to snap the pics of the room since we already tired and there’s luggage here and there. Too crowded. Haha..

Shower room. Source: Agoda

Our room. Source: airbnb
Our room. Source: airbnb
The recep are willing to help and search the info for us when we ask for directions even he didn’t fluent in english. He has provide map with directions for us. Thanks you so much for your assistance! 2 nights staying there and I really satisfied.

How to get there:

Seoul-> Gyeongbu Expressway-> Gyeongju IC-> To Gyeongju Terminal -> The guesthouse is next to Gyeongju Terminal

Intercity Transportation


Seoul Gangnam Express Bus Terminal -> The guesthouse is next to Gyeongju Terminal

Source: Korea Tourism Organization

Korea: 12 Days, 7 Provinces, 1 Country – Oh Dear Pink Luggage!

Hi All,

I’ve just came back from South Korea more than a month ago. Quite tired because of flight delay and so on. So, let’s begin my story here. Are you ready kids??

First stop for my journey is Gimhae Airport. Hi Gimhae Airport! We meet again. How I miss you so much!” Ok back to the story. My long haul flight from KUL takes about 6 hours and 50 minutes to Busan. As usual, Gimhae is not located in Busan but in Gyeongnam (Gyeongsangnam-do) area. Since the airport is belongs to Busan and located near to Busan so it’s considered as a part of Busan. Am I made you confused? Ahahaha..

Ok this is the suspense part, once we arrived, there’s something missing. Wert?? 1 of our luggage was missing! Dunno where it goes. So this is the warm greeting from Gimhae – Wanted: Pink Luggage Missing. Thank god is not happening to me but I’m really worried it will happen to me so I decided to remains silent.

After reporting, discussing and so on, we decided to leave the airport since the staff will contact us if the luggage is safely arrived to Korea. (To make the story short. Did you know where the luggage gone to? It’s already in Japan. Haha.. Then it came back to Korea via Korean Air after 5 days. Even me didn’t have the opportunity to go to Japan and fly with Korean Air. You’re so lucky dear pink luggage. I shipped you)

What I can say that the staff at Gimhae Airport was really given us a good service. They willing to done their best to do what they can do to get back the missing luggage. I love their spirit. Salute! Fuhh.. then we take a bus to Gyeongju from Airport. It takes at about approx 1 hour and 10 minutes to arrived to our destination.via Express bus worth 7,000won or RM21.12. We decided to take a rest since it’s already dark outside.

Gyeongju is a part of Gyeongbuk (Gyeongsangbuk-do) Province that is located near to Busan and Gyeongnam Province. It is small city with the historical culture. The popular Silla Dynasty and it’s heritage is been kept here.

So that’s how we end our 1st day in South Korea. What a tiring day. Sweet dream Gyeongju!

The Chronicles in Hanoi, Vietnam: A Day Trip in Ha Long Bay

Hi All! Sorry for the late submission of this post. Haha.. It’s been delay for a long time. Let’s continue. Ok, my main reason to visit Vietnam is to visit Ha Long Bay because it is one of UNESCO world heritage. The day we arrived at Ha Long Bay, the weather is quite cloudy and dull so I can’t see the beautiful view of Ha Long Bay as it is surrounded by mist.

Ha Long Bay Harbour
Our Alova Day Cruise


We depart from our hostel as early as 8am I think (short term memory.. Haha..). The journey takes quite long. It’s about 4 hours to arrived to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi. We took Alova Day Cruise Tour for this so from pick up transport to Ha Long Bay Cruise, lunch and sending us back to hostel all in their itinerary. What we do is just sit back and relax. :)

Upon arrival to Ha Long Bay Harbour, we’ve been guided to our cruise and been given a welcome drink and our seafood lunch. Then, we can mingling around the cruise and take pictures of Ha Long Bay. During our journey to Ha Long Bay, we’ve been given a tour briefing by our tourist guide, Sunny.

DSC_3720 DSC_3721 DSC_3722 DSC_3723 DSC_3724

Our 1st destination would be fisherman village. We’ve been given options to choose either kayaking or bamboo boat bowing around the village. But 2 of them have their own fees. It is separate from our trip fees. So we choose bamboo boat because we don’t want to get wet. Haha..

Fisherman Floating Village
Lucky Rocks

After getting around the floating village, we hop on our cruise and continue our ride to our 2nd destination which is Dong Thien Cung Cave. That will be in my next entry. Stay tuned!


The Chronicles in Hanoi, Vietnam: Because of You Burger

One fine day, when me and the “Free Gifts Queen” gets hungry because we didn’t gets any dinner yet. We waited for another “Anak Dara” in the hostel lobby as we already decided to meet up at the hostel lobby to hunt for a food together. We wait and wait and wait and it’s already past half an hour and I’ve going up and down just to ding dong his room bell. Still no response. Ok, this is bad. We borrow the hostel phone from the lobby and try to transfer the call to his room but no answer from him.

Grrrr! Ok, I know he’s already passed out. Maybe he’s too tired I think. Ok, for the last time, 2 hungry monsters going up to try they luck again. Ding dong ding dong! No one answered. Ok, now we need to knock the door in the loudest way. Knock! Knock! Finally, the sleeping beauty had wake up from his beauty sleep. We’re really hungry you know. Luckily we doesn’t eat you.

Our journey for hunting our food begins that night. It’s really hard to search for Halal food at Hanoi. Finally, we had remembered that we’ve passed the Lotteria restaurant before. Yes! The one and only fast food that we can consider to eat. We have eat this in Korea before so I think it’s not a problem.

Sorry, I forgot to take a pics of the burger set. This is the pics of prawn burger set we’ve taken while we visiting Korea.

So, we search and continue searching and trying to remember where it’s located. It’s actually our “Sleeping Beauty” that can remember it well even we take a long way to arrived there. Lucky he’s our hero that day even he’s the one that made us become a Hungry Monster that day. Haha…

There it goes. Because of you Burger, we’ve suffered from walking and sweating all the way. Because of you Lotteria. It’s really a relief that night. Then, we continued to have a night walk at the night market nearby. What a tired day…

The Chronicles in Hanoi, Vietnam: Bargains, Free Gifts & Shopping!

Hello there! Let’s continue with my story in Vietnam. Seems that I’ve hold it for so long. I know that I’m not really good in bargaining but travel with 2 persons that really like to shop and bargain is some kind of beneficial for me. Ngahaha…

Both of my travel partners really love shopping when travel but I’m really different from them. Seems like I’m the one and only alien there. Oh man! I’m a girl ok but why do shopping is not my thing? Ahaha… I’m a person who like to see beautiful and breathtaking places when travelling but when it comes to shopping, it’s only an additional thing when travel. Who’s agree with me? Raise your feet please..:p

There is a day when we go for a shopping at Old Quarter, my friend is bargaining to get the best price and she also asking for free gifts. Actually, the price is already cheap but she really gets what she wants. Wow! How lucky she is. What I can say is she’s a Free Gifts Queen. Haha… Because of her, the auntie also give me the same free gift she gave to my “Free Gift Queen” friend even I’m not buying anything from her. It’s a coin wallet actually. Thanks to my dear friend and also thanks to the generous auntie. “She likes you”, her daughter told us that her mother is really like us. Ohh really?? *Blushing*

Below are the items and souvenirs that I’ve managed to get from the souvenir shop near to my hostel. Please help yourself and “cuci mata” a bit.

P1010152 P1010153 P1010154 P1010156 P1010157 P1010158

The Chronicles in Hanoi, Vietnam: May De Ville Backpackers Hostel

I found this hostel when I browse somebody’s blog. We may thought that it’s only an ordinary budget hostel but I’m totally wrong. I search for this hostel through Agoda too to see the ratings (it’s become my priority to check for the ratings before I proceed to booked). I found that there were 2 types of May De Ville Hotel. The one in Agoda is the luxury one where the price is quite high while another one is for budget traveller like me. I’m not satisfied because I can’t find this hostel through Agoda. Then I search for the website itself. Settle! There you are! You can click May De ville Backapackers hostel to check for the room rate.

Coutesy of Hostelworld. I forgot to take a pics of this hostel. Hehehe… We eat breakfast here. It’s located in 10th floor if I’m not mistaken. Sorry, really a short term memory. :p
Courtesy of Agoda. This is how our room looks like :)

Ok. I already know how it’s looks like because I’ve done so many research. Actually, hostel will be like hostel right? but this one is more than a hostel. It’s more like a hotel. 3 star hotel I think. What we got is more than what we expected. Worth our money for booking it. It’s really comfortable.

Located at Old Quarter where the tourist attractions like Hoan Kiem Lake, Water puppet, Dong Xuan Market and many other shops nearby. It’s really convenience. You may found a lot of souvenir shop once you going out from the hostel door.

I met Mahn Thien. He’s very nice. He even welcome us with the welcome drinks once we arrived. If you need anything, just buzz him and he will fulfilled it for you. I even treat him as a money changer. Ahaha.. I’ve a balance of USD and I find him just to exchange the USD to VND. I requested for the cloth iron too and he have fulfilled my wish also. Oh! he had give us a map and advise on how to get around. He’s like our tourist advisor too. Haha.. How nice he is.. right? He can speak english well so we doesn’t have any communication problem. Oh! he’s only in a day shift, so you can only find him during the day.

Overall, I’m satisfied with this hostel has offered us. If you’re going to Hanoi, this is the best place to stay. It’s in the heart of Old Quarter. :)

Around Busan in 5 days: The Budget

Hello everyone! I’ve finished my post about Busan. Sorry for taking so long for completing each post and I want to share with all of you that I’m the 4th place winner of Inspiring Korea Travel Stories that have been conducted by KTO (Korea Tourism Organization). Yeay! I’ve won Korea Pass worth 50,000won for writing “I Love View… Busan!”. I’m so excited and I’ll use that card next time I’ll visit Korea probably next year. Again?? Ahaha… Maybe…

Ok, back to my travel budget. There’s not much differences between my budget before and after I’m going to Busan and I’m happy to say that I’ve managed to follow the budget with the total cost of RM2000 includes shopping. Yeay! Hence, I still having my extra money once I got back from Korea.

Our budget for 5 days
Our budget for 5 days

We’re a group of 4 and I decided to book for 4 bed dorm with shared bedroom at Mr. Egg Original Nampo Guesthouse for 82,800won (approx RM245.94) per person for 4 nights. The price is including 10% discount for liking their Facebook page. Wee! We’re so lucky because there’s no one book for the Nampo 2 (Female Hostel) that time since Nampo 1 (mixed hostel with private bathroom) is more preferrable by many. We’ve conquer almost all of the hostel facilities. Bwahaha!

We took Limousine Bus to Guesthouse worth 7,000won for one way trip and because we use the same bus for going back to the airport too, so the total would be 14,000won. Assumed it as a round trip prices. We’ve to use Hanaro Card for the transportation (for my friends that haven’t visit Korea before), so I add the price in the list also (even I’m only using Tmoney card there). I also manage to use 30,000won (approx RM82.72) card top up wisely. I still had another thousand won balance in my Tmoney. Heheh…

We managed to eat for RM222 total per person for 5 days. It lesser than previous budget also. The 1st table is the total cost for admission fee and other expenses during our 5 days in Busan. There you go! Our 5 days Busan budget cost for your references. Next trip would be? Hehe. :)



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