Around Busan in 5 days: Busan Al – Fatah Mosque

As a muslim, it’s a must to visit one and only mosque there. It’s called Al-Fatah Mosque. It’s not really far away from Dusil Station. As we arrived at the mosque area, we decided to have some Kebab’s for our late lunch there. I heard that there’s a famous Kebab restaurant near to the mosque. I think the popular destination would be Cappadocia Turkish Restaurant. It’s the first restaurant we found nearby.

the restaurant interior
the restaurant interior

The Kebab’s was really good. It comes with rice and some side dishes in one plate. We’re really starving that day as we only had breakfast. The price of the Kebab set is under 10,000won (>Rm30) I think and it’s Halal. After finishing our meals, we’re heading to Busan Mosque to performed our prayer and take some rest.

2013-10-19 15.33.14

It’s quite small than Seoul Mosque at Itaewon. We meet Indonesian there and he show us around as we quite lost actually. Ahaha… “Terima kasih ya bapak ya karena tunjukkan jalannya”. (Indonesian dialect)


How to:
(via subway)
Take a subway to Dusil Station, Line 1, Exit 8
For more info, kindly visit http://etour.busan.go.kr/index.busan or http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto

2013-10-18 19.36.14

Around Busan in 5 Days: BIFF Square

Night already arrived, as we’ve already perform our prayer and have a quick rest at our guesthouse, once again we decided to walk at night to search for food. As my friend craving for tteobokki (Korean spicy rice cakes) since our first day at Busan. Aishhh… she’s the one who’s really crazy about tteobokki and other Korean foods.


So, it’s my job to bring them to BIFF (Busan International Film Festival) Square to get what they want as I am like “Tourist Guide” to them. The BIFF is held from 3 – 12 October 2013 this year but, we’ve missed them. *Sigh* We always missed their October events like Fireworks Festival and so on. Why? Next time, I’ve to plan my trip, must go and celebrate their events together.


Ok2 back to tteobokki story. There’s a lot of stall selling food at BIFF square. A lot of themmmm. We’ve to search carefully to make sure that we bought the tteobokki with ahjumma’s that only sells seafood. As for muslim, we can’t eat the one with no Halal certificate with it. As you know, there’s hard to find restaurant or foods with Halal certificate with it in Korea. So, we only eat seafood and vegetables.

We saw a lot of seafood stall at BIFF Square. We bought some extra spicy tteobokki (woo… too spicy fire burning in my mouth), fried squid (the taste was really awesome. Taste like there’s butter in it) and some cheap stockings (my friend bought that for herself. A bundle of stockings… Hehe…). Nahh.. That’s how we end our full day trip, spending our night at BIFF square then going back to our Guesthouse. Jaljayo!

I forgot to snap the picture of tteobokki. Oppps!

How to:
(via subway)
Take a subway to Jagalchi Station, Line 1, Exit 7,
5min walk from the station (Walk straight and turn left)

For more info, kindly visit http://etour.busan.go.kr/index.busan or http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto


Around Busan in 5 Days: Haeundae Beach & Nurimaru APEC House

It’s a lil’ bit cloudy at the evening. That day, we decided to visit Nurimaru APEC House. As we’re not really familiar with that place, we only follow the instruction and drop off at Dongbaek station. Once we arrived, I just like… err… where we should heading to? We just follow the path and then we see the Westin Chosun Hotel building there. And I think that is the landmark for the Dongbaek Park.


Dongbaek Park landmark, Westin Chosun Hotel
We reach the seaside area which is later I noticed… it is Haeundae beach! We’re in Haeundae beach. Yeay! It’s not really far away from Dongbaek Park where the Nurimaru APEC House is located. It’s beautiful place to hang out. We had our quick rest and snap some pics there before we continued our journey to Nurimaru APEC House. There is a coastal path near to the hotel building and yes, we found the Dongbaek Coastal Path actually. As-sa!





Now we’re getting nearer and nearer to the targeted place. The surrounding was really beautiful. Really love to walk there as I really love sea. Love the smells of the air. My friend called Busan smells as Crabby smell. Why? Because she smells crab everywhere. I think the King Crab at Jagalchi Market had cursed her. Ahahaha… I can see the lighthouse there, the calm water of the sea, the waves and there it is… Nurimaru APEC House!


Nurimaru APEC House with the view of Gwangan Bridge
Nurimaru APEC House with the view of Gwangan Bridge

We decided to take some rest again at the small park here. I see that relaxing couch. I run towards it and… landing time! Enjoying my evening there. How relaxing!


How to:
(via subway)
Take a subway to Dongbaek Station, Line 2, Exit 1 → Busan Westin-Chosun Hotel → Dongbaek Park

For more info, kindly visit http://etour.busan.go.kr/index.busan or http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto


Around Busan in 5 Days: Haedong Yonggungsa Temple

I heard that Yonggung Temple is the beautiful temple that is located besides the sea. I’ve ask Mr. Google to search the pics for me. After reading some reviews and find out that the place is extremely beautiful, I’ve make up my mind…”I really want to go to this place someday!” My dreams came true when I decided to go to Busan by booking my flight ticket in advance. I can’t stand it anymore. Looking the Busan beautiful views via pictures only made me insane. Ahahaha…

In front of the temple main door
In front of the temple main door
Nice view here...
Nice view here…


Yes! It’s quite a long journey from our guesthouse. I have to take subway and change line and then taking a bus from Haeundae and finally I arrived at Yonggungsa station. It’s quite hard actually to determine the destination via public bus because the bus announcements are only in Korean. I repeat, only Korean. Ok, I’ve a full list of every station that the bus will pass by. I just need to stay alert and catches the pronunciations via my ears. Thanks to my dear Korean friend for the list of bus stops. Thanks Richard! You’re my hero!

We’ve to take a long walk to reach the temple. A long longggg walk. Again, we need to climb the hill. Ok, I’ll take it as a morning walk exercise. I’ve check the weather for that morning via KMA (Korea Meteorology Administration) that it’s gonna be cloudy but we’ve experienced light rain once we arrived there. Luckily, it’s only light rain. It’s quite chilling but we’ve enjoyed our walks once we’ve meet Chinese young couple from Malaysia. Yeay! Finally we’ve met Malaysian there. They really really friendly but so sad that we we’re not being able to find their email as we’ve lost their email address. Sigh.

Alice and err… I forgot his name already… David maybe… Hehe… They’re so cute right?

There are small stalls along the road through Yonggungsa entrance. We need to walk down the stairs in order to reach the temple. The view was really amazing. It’s soothing our mind and soul. It has an amazing view as it is really besides the sea. It’s my first time to step in my food to the beautiful place like that. Ahhh… How I enjoyed the beginning of the day here.





How to:
(via subway)
Take a subway to Haeundae Station, Line 2, Exit 7,
Take Bus 181 to go to Yonggungsa Temple. You need to walk a lil’ bit until you see the Yonggungsa Temple signboard.

For more info, kindly visit http://etour.busan.go.kr/index.busan or http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto

I'm standing in front of the house where Jun Sang sit before he met Yoo Jin

Around Busan in 5 Days: Oedo Botania Garden

Have you watch Winter Sonata? If you do, I want to ask you a question. Do you still remember the last part of the drama where Jun Sang becomes blind? He mingling around the place that looks like a garden and that is the place he met Yoo Jin after they separated for a long time. Yes, the place called Oedo Botania Garden. It is located at Oedo Island near to Geoje Island at Gyeongsangnam-do.

Oedo Winter Sonata
I’m standing in front of the house where Jun Sang sit before he met Yoo Jin

I’ve made a decision to visit this place after I’ve read some articles and I realized that the island is near to Busan. Eventhough the island is not in Busan but I think this is my opportunity since Gyeongsangnam-do is near to Busan. This is 1 day trip as the location is quite far from our guesthouse.

Busan subway
Busan subway


In order to reached there, we have to take 4 types of public transportations (Subway-Bus-Taxi-Ferry) and vice versa. Fuhh.. it’s just like going back to my hometown from Kuala Lumpur to Perak. Hehehe… Let me give you details explanations. First, we have to take a subway from Jungang to Seomyeon. Then we have to transfer to Line 2 until we reach at Sasang station. From there, we have to walk to Seobu Bus Terminal and take a bus to Jangseungpo (Okpo-Jangseungpo) and it cost 7,200won one way trip. The bus takes 1 hour 15 minutes to reach jangseungpo Bus Terminal.

Oedo Ferry Terminal
The ticket with Oedo Botania Garden and Geoje Map
The ticket with Oedo Botania Garden and Geoje Map
Arrived at Oedo Island. The ferry takes at about 45 minutes to reached the island.
Arrived at Oedo Island

Once we reached Jangseungpo, we ride a taxi to Oedo Ferry Terminal, the cost is 2,800won. Then, we’ve to buy a ticket to Oedo Island worth 25,000won per person (Ferry fee (roundtrip) = 17,000won + Admission fee = 8,000won). I want to give you some advice, If you’ve sea sickness or getting easily afraid of riding something like a roller coaster, DO NOT ride this ferry or even go to the island. Why? The speed of the ferry is really high and sometimes the sea waves getting bigger and bigger that will cost the ferry moves a lil’ bit crazy. Yesss it’s true. I told you, it’s up to you to believe or not. Hehe… The ferry takes at about 45 minutes to reached the island.









Once we arrived at the Island, we’ve been given a green tag to make it easier to recognize whom from which group and from which ferry because we need to ride the same ferry when going back. We’re been given 1 hour 30 minutes to finish our course in the island. Just follow the path in the map given. Don’t spend much time in the same place or you’ll exceed the time given. The ferry will not be waiting for you. You don’t want to be left behind aren’t you?

The view was very superb. It’s really beautiful. It worth my money to visit here. Come and visit here, see and feel it for yourself. :)

How to:
(via subway)
Sasang Station (Line 2), Exit 3. Walk to Seobu Bus Terminal.
(via bus)
From Seobu Bus Terminal, take bus that going to Jangseungpo (Okpo – Jangseungpo)
Ticket Price: 7,200won one way trip
(via taxi)
From Jangseungpo Bus Terminal, take a taxi to Oedo Ferry Terminal
(via ferry)
From Oedo ferry terminal, take a ferry to Oedo Island.

Ticket Price: 25,000won (Ferry (Roundtrip) + Admission Fee = 17,000won + 8,000won)

For more info about this location, kindly visit their website http://english.geoje.go.kr/ or here http://english.gsnd.net/jsp/main/main.jsp or here http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto


Around Busan in 5 Days: Jagalchi Fish Market

After check-in and having a quick rest, we rushed to Jagalchi Market to try some seafood. 6 hours in airplane make us feeling really hungry. Jagalchi Market is not quite far from our guesthouse. It takes 2 stations from Jungang subway station. If you’re willing to walk from the guesthouse, you’re allowed to but not for me. Let me save my energy for tomorrow activities. Ahahaha…

A lot of king crab
A lot of king crab

Jagalchi Market is already closed once we arrived there. Maybe it’s too late already but still some of the seafood restaurant is open for dine in. There’s some ahjumma’s waiting in front of the restaurant to attract visitors. We don’t know where the cheapest restaurant to eat among others and because we’re really hungry, we choose the one with English menu for our conveniences.

2013-10-17 21.28.33
The king crab that really expensive. Fuhh…

Yes, we don’t really know about the side dishes for every main dishes we choose. We pick at about 3 main dishes and 1 small bowl of rice each. Then there come a lot of side dishes. A lot of themmm… As we already full, the king crab came. Ahhhh… quite large for the S size. We thought that the price would be 10,000won as the ahjumma told us before its 10,000won. Then suddenly we quite shocked as the total was really expensive. Which dishes are expensive actually? Then suddenly we realize that the king crab is cost 100,000won. 100,000won?? But ahjumma, you told us that the king crab was 10,000won only!

2013-10-17 21.00.10
Variety of korean side dishes
2013-10-17 21.05.42
Haemul Pajeon (Seafood pancake) my favourite! Yummeh!
2013-10-17 21.11.51
Some kind of steamboat with a variety of seafood inside
2013-10-17 21.12.00
Fried fish with the side dishes. I’m really full!

It’s RM300 ya know! It feels like I want to cry. Why ahjumma why?? Luckily, there are 4 of us so we can share. If there were only me, I’m dying. So, the conclusion is don’t eat king crab at all. Na’ah!

How to:
(Via Subway)
Take a subway to Jagalchi Station (Line 1), Exit 10.
Turn right onto Jagalchi 3(sam)-gil Street.
Walk for 5min, then turn left to arrive at Jagalchi Market.

For more info, kindly visit http://etour.busan.go.kr/index.busan or http://english.visitkorea.or.kr/enu/index.kto



Around Busan in 5 days: Mr Egg Original Nampo Hostel

Anyeong Hashimnikka everyone! I’m back with Busan budget cost trip. Yeay! As I told you earlier that I’ll share my itinerary and expenses with all of you once I get back from Busan. So here’s some kinda info that I want to share with you…

We took AirAsia flight for RM600 roundtrip. We departed from LCCT at 8.15am in the morning. Yes, I don’t get enough sleep and will not get my beauty sleep on a flight also as somebody’s children makes noises and chaos on the back of my seat. But it’s ok… (trying to accept the truth… Boohooo…)

We arrived at Gimhae Airport Busan at 4.30pm (Korea Time). We pay for Airport Limousine Bus (Busan Station Line) for 7,000won one way trip. We wait for Airport Limousine Bus for at least 1 hour after the 1st bus is fully occupied. *Sigh* Busan is having a heavy traffic jam that time. Clock is ticking and it’s already 6pm. The day gets darker and darker just like 8pm at Malaysia. I thought it was late at night when we arrived at our guesthouse but actually it’s still early at night.

Without wasting our time, we continued to check in at our cute and lovely Mr. Egg Original Nampo Guesthouse. Don’t be confused. There are 2 Mr. Egg hostel in Busan. I thought that it’s the same guesthouse until I realize that I’ve made a mistake on choosing the right one. I read a lot of good reviews for Mr. Egg Original and I decided to choose this hostel. Thanks to Allah, I found the right guesthouse 1 week before we’re going to Busan. Thanks to my dear friend who helps to investigate this issue.

The wall decoration near the lobby
Cute tiny decoration around the lobby
Our room with colorful and and clean blanket. Ignore the one with the red shirt. Kekeke…
This is the pantry where we can eat, watch TV and surfing for internet. Free juice. Free WIFI at our own room too :)

I’m amazed with the clean and tidy guesthouse with a cute color and surrounding. Guess what! The price is really reasonable. We only spend 82,800won (RM245.94) per person for 4 nights. It’s because we get 10% each for liking their Facebook page. Cheap isn’t it?

Because of the guesthouse is located in strategic location, I think it has made our life become easier too. The guesthouse is located near to Jungang-dong subway station. Very near to a lot of tourist attraction like BIFF Square (Food Heaven), Gukje Market (Souvenir Market), Gwangbokro fashion Street, Yongdusan Park and Busan Tower. There’s a lot of underground shopping centre nearby such as Nampo, Gukje and Gwangbokro underground market. There’s Lotte Department Store too. :) Overall, I’m fully satisfied with the guesthouse. 5 star for you Mr. Egg Original!

Lotte Department Store near to guesthouse. I heard that there’s spot for viewing entire city at the upper roof of the building

How To:
(From Gimhae Airport)
Take an Airport Limousine Bus – Busan Line (Make sure that the bus is going to Jungang station)
Bus Fee: 7,000won per one way trip. Pay cash to the bus driver.
Get off at Jungang Station. Look for Jungang Subway Station, Exit 17. Cross the road and walk straight until you see Jungang Subway Station Exit 5. Then walk straight until you see the KDB signboard, turn to the left and continue walking until you found Mr. Egg Original signboard. It’s in an alley.

For more info about the guesthouse, kindly visit their page http://mregghostelnampo.com/xe/main/


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